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A useful link

A useful link.

If you are planning your wedding, it is a good idea to check out the NSW Government “Births Deaths Marriage” website, listed below. There is some useful information about getting married contained here in this site. You’ll also find a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage form.

If you have me as your celebrant, I will help you complete all the paperwork involved, including the Notice of Intended Marriage form. It’s all part of my service.

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone.

Not so long ago, 2 good friends of mine, one a wedding photographer and one a wedding celebrant, convinced me I’d make a great wedding celebrant.

A few months ago I received my celebrant’s licence from the Department of Attorney General and today, it’s with much pride, my website goes live.

As some famous people once said; Love lifts us up where we belong; Love thy will be done; All you need is love; I will always love you; I was made for loving you; Love changes everything; Love is all around; Love really hurts without you;

So if you are man and woman and you love the one you’re with, look me up.  I can unite you in marriage. And if you are woman and woman or man and man; your day is coming too.

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